The Christie Lab attended and presented at the 2015 Research Society on Alcoholism Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are one of the major areas of study in the Christie Laboratory, so the annual Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) conference (with the pre-conference Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group (FASDSG) sessions) is an excellent conference for us to attend.

This year Anna Patten presented a FASt talk for the FASDSG and Christine Fontaine presented a poster during the RSA conference. Both the talk and the poster were well received and we have returned to Canada brimming with new ideas!


Ann presenting a “FASt” talk to the FASDSG group


Christine with her poster on neonatal odor learning

Former Christie Lab members at the IBNS conference in Victoria, June 2015

The International Behavioural Neuroscience Society conference is being held in Victoria, BC this week and two former Christie lab members have travelled to Victoria to attend.

patiPatricia Brocardo was a former Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab and is now a PI at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Florianopolis, Brazil.




HelleHelle Sickmann was also a former Postdoctoral Fellow in the Christie laboratory and is now an Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Copenhagen and Lundbeck in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Awesome to see you again ladies!!

Christie Lab at the Canadian Association of Neuroscience Conference

Many members of the Christie laboratory attended the CAN conference is Vancouver, BC this week. We had a total of 7 posters presented at the conference.


Scott presents on FASD


Sonata and Christine present on Fragile X Syndrome


Christine presents on FASD


Alicia presents on Exercise and Neurogenesis


Aaron presents on Fragile X syndrome

Emily presents on TBI

Enjoying the sunshine in Vancouver

Enjoying the sunshine in Vancouver

Hanging out in downtown Vancouver

Hanging out in downtown Vancouver

New summer students for the Christie Laboratory!

The Christie Laboratory is lucky to have a large number of new students working over the summer.

We have two students who received NSERC Summer Intership awards: Matthew Noseworthy and Luke Neufeld. Yuebo Yang and Christine Chiu received Summer Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA). Adryelle is a co-op student doing an internship in our laboratory, and Arian Zand will be doing his directed studies project over the summer. We also have a visiting student from India, Tanvi Potlari, who received a MITACS award. Finally, we have three new volunteers: Juan Trivino, Francesca Bell-Peters and Emily Friedrich.


Back: Matt, Luke, Juan Front: Adryelle, Christine, Francesca, Arian

Six Honours students and two directed studies students have successfully completed their projects

Congratulations to the following honours students from the Christie Lab who have successfully defended their theses this semester:

Aaron Truesdell (Biology): “Minocycline treatment rescues decreased dendritic complexity in a murine model of Fragile X Syndrome”

Karthik Gopalakrishnan (Biochem): “Quantification of the mitogen activated protein kinase pathway in the dentate gyrus at different time points following mild traumatic brain injury”

James Dunbar (Biochem): “Revealing the developmental profile for glutathione in key brain areas in comparison to the profile of a rodent model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders”

Laila Drabkin (Biology): “Keeping your eye on the ball: Investigating the role of The Neurotracker in detecting Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in youth athletes”

Jason Chiu (Biology):

Julie Munich (Biology): Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Odour Memory: A Rodent Model of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure”

Murphy Walker and Christine Chiu have also completed their Directed Studies projects this semester.